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A scary start for an incredible adventure

A scary start for an incredible adventure

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Today we announced our coming XBLA title, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

The game has been in development for two, originally aimed for Playstation, but since Microsofts acquisition of our studio in 2012, for Xbox Live Arcade. As most games that are in development for that long, many things have changed over time but at its core the game we pitched is still the game we have produced.

It is special to work so hard on something for so long without showing it to the public. When we announced Max & the Magic Marker in 2009 and released some gameplay footage on youTube, we were blown away with how well it was received. The feedback we got from a tiny bit of gameplay video was amazing and the relief, that so many liked it, after one year of development and with almost no funding left, was second to none. Even though we were later fortunate enough to be able to release the game on many platforms, travel the world to present it, win awards, and eventually sell the studio, we often look back at those first days after announcing Max & the Magic Marker as some of the best and most exciting days in the history of Press Play.

So today when announcing the spiritual successor to Max & the Magic Marker, we are hoping for just a tiny bit of the excitement from 2009. This time the game has been in development even longer, and though we are confident in the quality of our work (it was made with love) – it is just our humble hope, that you like it too. Go check it out, tell your friends and please feel free to share your thoughts with us here, or on Facebook or Twitter.

It feels good to be back!

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